Remote Education Information

COVID-19 has cased school closures and required families to isolate all across our nation. We have developed a plan to support your child and to allow them to continue their education should you as a family be require to isolate. by publishing this information, we wish to help parents know what to expect from their school if their child needs to self-isolate or if restrictions require them to remain at home.

Schools and teachers have been working incredibly hard to make sure pupils’ education can continue uninterrupted, where they are unable to be in the classroom due to self-isolation. Setting out the details of this work will make sure all parents have key information about the plans for ensuring pupils receive high quality remote education.

Please contact us at any time during your isolation on:

Tel: 0191 5367262

Email: [email protected]

Should school be required to close due to local or national restrictions or issues you can contact Mr Gill, Head Teacher, and Mrs Moad, Deputy Head Teacher, on the following bespoke email. Please remember that this email will only be available as a point of contact when there is a full school closure.

Email: [email protected]