Year 5 and 6 @ The Word

Class 1 Visit to The Word

Class 1 visited [email protected] Word in South Shields on Wednesday 2nd February.

The children completed a unit of work where they created their own game. They used an online programme called Scratch to perform a range of skills linked to coding:

  • design and change characters for games
  • select backgrounds and sounds to fit with a theme
  • create code to make characters move and follow instructions
  • Β write informative instructions for their game so that other people can play it
  • evaluate my their own and peers’ games to help improve their design for the future.

The children had a great day and they managed to produce a simple game linked to our English topic of Greek Myths.

Class 3 Visit to The Word

Class 3 visited [email protected] Word on Thursday 3rd February. See their photos below.

Class 2 Visit to The Word

Find below a link to their completed games…

Class 1

Class 3

Class 2

Safer Internet Week

Safer Internet Day Assembly

On Monday, Mrs Simpson spoke to the children about this year’s Safer Internet day theme: ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’

Download (PPTX, 5.66MB)

During the week, the children will be discussing in their classrooms how they can stay safe and respect each other when having fun learning or playing games online. See examples of work produced by the children during the week.