Hedworth Lane encourage and promote STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

6 boys from Y3/4 represented their class at the Junior Lego League Regional Final at the Open Zone in South Shields.
The boys – known as the Waste Walkers – designed and built a model that they named ‘Walking Waste’ The gadget was designed to encourage people to recycle more. Their idea was to have recycling chute built in to new houses, beneath a kitchen bin, that transported waste via a conveyor directly to the local recycling centre. Recycling without leaving the house!
They presented their moving model to judges from a variety of backgrounds, including waste management experts, a lecturer who specialises in robotics and education consultants. They had to answer questions and explain how their model worked as well as how they designed and programmed it. The boys represented our school brilliantly and were awarded with a medal for their achievement!