The Neighbourhood Police Officers help us with our Road Safety Message.

Our neighbourhood police officers supported our School Council in creating a powerful message that will go out to everyone that parks their car near our school. The police officers stopped traffic and made the area safe so we could take photographs that we will use in our forthcoming road safety campaign.

Police Lay Down the Law on the Pitch!

Our local neighbourhood police team came to school to lay down the law on the football pitch with our School Football Teams. First they took on the boy’s team. The opening half both teams looked evenly matched and chances were missed by both squads. Despite the suspicion that the police squad had been infiltrated by members of the neighbouring Jarrow team, play in the second half resumed. As the weather conditions worsened so did the outcome for Northumbria’s finest constabulary. As the rain pour down the goals poured in and the police squad started to tire. Whether it was too many hours in the panda car and not enough walking the beat or the sheer determination of Hedworth Lane’s boys’ team, the boys pulled ahead and even the long arm of the police’s goalie could not save them. 4 – 2 to Hedworth Lane.

After a brief interlude the mighty Hedworth Lane Girls Team took to the pitch. The police, fielding a couple of useful looking female officers on the wing, looked determined to regain the upper hand. Unfortunately the police looked outclassed from the onset and the girls laid down the law. Whether it was buoyed by the boys recent victory or by the successes of the England women’s team in recent weeks, the girls dominated play and it was not long before the ball was in the back of the police net. β€˜Goal! (or GAOL!) The girls went on to keep a clean record for the rest of the match. 1 – 0 to Hedworth Lane.

Hedworth Lane retain the Police Trophy for another year! We would like to take this opportunity to thank our local neighbourhood police team and in particular PC Luiz, for all of their support, friendship and help.

Northumbria Police has been recruiting school children to help tackle motorists speeding outside of schools!

Some of our School Council members worked with our community police officer, PC Luiz Scheidt and his colleagues, on a speed awareness campaign. The children had the opportunity to use real police speed cameras to record the speed of motorists around our school. With the support of the police officers, speeding motorists were then asked a series of questions by the children and asked to help spread the road safety message. This event was the first of its kind in the area and was a fantastic and unique opportunity for our children to learn, first hand, the importance of keeping the roads around our school safe.

Tony Gill says… β€˜I am delighted the event went so well. The children went out with a view to catching speeding motorists but soon worked out that this was all about educating drivers as to the dangers of speeding past our school. The children particularly enjoyed interviewing the drivers, who were very supportive of the event. hopefully, our children will take what they have learnt into a whole school assembly and this in turn will be a message passed to drivers in our school community.’

Northumbria Police Press Officer was at the scene and had this to report.

Over the past two days (May 2 & 3) the force has piloted a new campaign working closely with schools in Northumbria to deliver engaging workshops to children which highlight the dangers of speeding.

These workshops have so far taken place in Hedworthfield and Hedworth Lane Primary Schools, and there are plans to roll the scheme out across the wider Northumbria region.

The workshops involve taking groups of children out onto the roadside to help educate drivers who are speeding outside of the schools.

Both PC Luiz Scheidt and PC Paul Talbut have been part of the team delivering this workshop to local schools, and feel the campaign has already had a very positive impact on both the motorists, and children involved.

PC Talbut said: β€œExcessive and inappropriate speed kills. The dangerous or careless actions of just one motorist can have devastating effects on the lives of others, and it’s important we continue to work to reduce the number of motorists speeding on our roads. This campaign is not only about educating motorists of the risks and dangers of speeding, but teaching the next generation of motorists as well. It’s vital to educate children of road safety so that when the time comes for them to get behind the wheel they are fully informed of the dangers of speeding, and can make the responsible choice to keep to the speed limit.”

Hedworth Lane Primary School Head Teacher Tony Gill has also been very supportive of the initiative, being one of the first schools to get involved in this pilot scheme.

He said: β€œIt’s a fantastic opportunity for our school council members to come out here and get involved in educating the public of the dangers of speeding around their school. Not only are they learning about the dangers of speeding in a way they’ll remember, but they are also doing some good in the community. The whole idea is not to stop and punish, but to stop and educate, a value which we work hard to achieve within our school.”


British Values – The Rule of Law – The Police Service and their Magic Key

Today police officers Neil and Caroline came to visit Classes 10 & 11. They very kindly brought along their police car and let all the children take turns to sit in the front seat. Afterwards, the children tried on different pieces of police uniform including helmets and had their photos taken.Β  There was one last surprise for the children when Neil presented the police’s ‘Magic Key’. The Magic Key was so heavy even the teachers struggled to lift it!

British Values – The Rule of Law – Visiting the Magistrates Court

Year 6 got to see the law in action on their recent visit to the magistrates court. From finding out by the rules and personnel of the criminal justice system to taking part in mock trials; dispensing justice they thought was appropriate.


British Values – The Rule of Law – The Police Service Comes to Visit

The children enjoyed a visit from PC Luiz. He talked to us about how the police help us and their role in the community. We had a turn of trying on the handcuffs and asked lots of questions about PC Luiz’s equipment. We all had a turn of sitting in the Police car.