Competition Winner!

Just before Christmas, Class 3 entered a poetry competition with the theme based on ‘What Christmas means to me’. Our Year 5 pupil, Isabella was shortlisted alongside 6 other pupils from schools across the entire country. After receiving the most likes and shares on Twitter and other social media platforms, she only went and won the top prize ! This means that our school has won a year’s subscription to Reading Plus, which is a programme designed to develop and improve children’s reading fluency and comprehension skills. We cannot wait to get started and see what we can achieve.
Well done Isabella !

What Christmas means to me

The first day I ate a candy canes and played Christmas games.
On the secondΒ day it was snowing and glowing.
On the third day I found my elf on the shelf.
On the fourth day I put up my decorations and celebrated.
On the fifth day I opened a jumping jumper.
Day number six there was a sparkling snowstorm.
On day eight I was on a hunt for perfect gifts.
Mince pies nine, let’s spend time with fantasticΒ families.
Ten baubles on the tree! Let’s make creative cookies.
Eleven crackers pulled, it’s scarf knitting day…Yey!
Eeek twelve bells ringing…It’s so exciting!
“Merry Christmas”
by Isabella – Aged 9