Art and Design

Intent Statement – Art

At Hedworth Lane Primary School, we are committed to ensuring the progressive development of knowledge and skills, providing children with opportunities to observe and record from first-hand experiences and from imagination, whilst developing their competence in controlling materials and tools.

Children should acquire knowledge and become skilful in various art and design techniques and processes, and begin to develop an awareness of visual and tactile elements, including colour, pattern, texture, line and tone, shape, form and space.

While it is essentially a practical subject, art should provide opportunities for reflection and, with increasing sensitivity, pupils should acquire the ability to make informed, critical responses to their own work and to that of others.Β  We provide children with opportunities to develop an appreciation of the visual arts and develop their knowledge of significant artists, craftspeople and designers.Β  We believe that, through a deeper understanding of art, children can gain access to cultural richness and diversity.

You can see our Art and Design Curriculum below

To see examples of the Art curriculum please use your mouse to navigate to the Menu Bar andΒ select Curriculum.Β PleaseΒ go to the Art Curriculum and you will see a drop down option open to the right. You will see the options of looking at Art inΒ Years 1&2, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6.