Intent Statement – Mathematics

At Hedworth Lane Primary School, we want all pupils to be confident, enthusiastic mathematicians who are keen to learn and unafraid to try.  It is our aim that pupils count fluently and well and have a good grasp of ‘known facts’ relative to their age and stage of learning.  Pupils learn to calculate in a progressive manner throughout their time in school and are provided with opportunities to reason about mathematics and apply their knowledge and skills.  We want all pupils to do well, make progress and achieve success.

Teachers know the subject well and provide engaging lessons which incorporate all strands of the curriculum over time.  Progress is measured regularly – formally and informally – and steps are taken to support students where gaps in knowledge are identified, both in class and through interventions.

Parents know about their child’s progress and attainment in mathematics and are consulted when support is required and supported to support their child at home.

You can see our Maths Curriculum below.

To see examples of the  curriculum please use your mouse to navigate to the Menu Bar and select Curriculum. Please go to the Maths Curriculum and you will see a drop down option open to the right. You will see the options of looking at Maths in Years 1&2, Years 3&4 and Years 5&6.