Intent Statement – PE and Sport

Lane Primary School seeks to provide a full, varied and interesting Physical Education curriculum which challenges, engages and excites staff and pupils alike.  We see Physical Education as a vital part of the education experience.  Our values, including being physically active as a way of life, are embedded within our PE lessons.  The opportunities provided to pupils at Hedworth Lane Primary School promote a positive attitude towards healthy and active lifestyles.

At Hedworth Lane Primary School, we aim to provide each pupil with access to a broad and balanced programme of activities, which are accessible and challenging.

In order to do this, we aim to:

  • Stimulate and maintain pupil interest and enjoyment in PE and physical activity
  • Promote health and fitness as part of pupils’ current and future lifestyles
  • Enable pupils to be familiar with a body of knowledge, principles and vocabulary relating to PE

Enable pupils to see PE as:

  • a major feature in our lives, related to employment, leisure and culture
  • part of a wider body of knowledge and skills, e.g. interpersonal and problem-solving skills

Enable pupils to:

  • understand and use safe practice and appreciate its importance in PE
  • understand the short and long-term effects of exercise on the body
  • understand the role of exercise in a ‘fit and healthy’ lifestyle


  • Enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as safety, awareness, politeness, perseverance, concern for others, initiative and independence. The establishment of self-esteem through the development of physical confidence is a major aim for Hedworth Lane.
  • Enable pupils to work independently and as part of a group or team in varied activities so that PE contributes to the development of core skills such as communication by speech
  • Employ teaching methods and resources that will allow all pupils to have equal access to PE and to experience success and enjoyment in their PE work

In order for this to happen, PE is delivered through a combination of team teaching with expert external coaches, the Real PE scheme which focuses on developing fundamental skills and schemes of work which focus on a particular area of PE such as gymnastics or athletics.  We are also committed to enabling our children to be confident swimmers. Therefore, in KS2, our children attend weekly swimming lessons for a whole term in each year group.

Planning for PE is initially shown in long-term plans.  Lesson plans show more detailed learning objectives and differentiated activities.

High-quality lessons include:

  • Clear, differentiated learning objectives
  • Shared high ambition
  • The teaching of skills and techniques
  • The application and adaptation of learnt skills in games activities
  • Modelling of correct technique
  • Use of correct and specific technical vocabulary

To conclude, we believe that Physical Education (PE) contributes to the overall education of all children by helping them to lead full and valuable lives through engaging in purposeful and high-quality activity.  PE promotes active and healthy lifestyles, physical skills, physical development and knowledge of the body in action.  PE enables children to develop confidence, perseverance, team spirit, positive competitiveness and organisation.  Children must engage in a programme of PE that encourages fitness and improves their strength.  PE is an integral part of school practices, allowing all children in the school to gain a sense of achievement and develop positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

You can see our PE Curriculum below

To see examples of the  curriculum please use your mouse to navigate to the Menu Bar and select Curriculum. Please go to the PE & Sport Curriculum and you will see a drop down option open to the right. You will see the options of looking at PE and Sport in 2018-2019 and PE & Sport 2019-2020.