Scary Pneumatic Monsters

As part of their DT topic for this term, Year 3 and 4 have been making moving monsters using pneumatics. Firstly, they had to investigate and understand the basic principles of how pneumatics work. After that, they had to choose the tools and materials they would need to make their very own terrifying creatures. The fun began when they started creating their designs and then were able to test them out to see if they worked or not. I think you’ll agree that they have done a fantastic job ! Well done KS2.

Chinese New Year Cooking

Our Year 3 and 4 children have been doing lots of lovely activities this week as part of their Chinese New Year celebrations. One activity that they found a lot of fun was making and tasting their very own Chinese inspired dish – Vegetable stir fry. First, the children were reminded about the importance of hygiene when cooking food. Then they learned about the different ingredients that were in the dish and talked about their preferences – some even having a taste and smell of all the fresh produce on offer. After that they went on to chop, slice, snip, grate, and stir the food. Finally, they got to have a taste of their own creations…Mmm delicious ! What a fantastic Chinese new year we are having so far…Kung hei fat choy everybody.


Artisan Sandwich Making

This term Year 3 and Year 4 designed and made their very own healthy – and some not so healthy – sandwiches. Firstly, the children selected and tasted various kinds of bread so that they could plan what they would like to use in their own designs. They had to take into consideration taste, size, shape and appearance to ensure that they were successful when creating the final product. Next, they learned about the importance of hygiene when preparing and handling food. Finally, they made and evaluated their finished products and decided whether they would make any changes to their recipes and designs next time around… We think you will agree that they look scrumptious enough to eat !

Clay Woodland Creatures

This term children in Year 3 and Year 4 have been making woodland creatures modelled from clay.Β  They initially looked at a range of woodland creatures to study their features.Β  Then they selected the creature they liked best which could be suitably molded from the clay.Β  The finished product intended to look as realistic as possible.

What a great job Year 3 and 4!