Parents came back to school to help their children learn how to cook a healthy meal for themselves supported by Sunderland Football Club. Each session of the 10-week course sees adults and children cooking together for two hours.

Lynda Pillans, 26, has been attending the course withy nephew Billy Denyer, nine, said: €œIt€™s been really interesting learning to cook food that I wouldn€™t necessarily eat myself. At home, I bake cakes so I€™ve learn a lot about making savoury things.

Gemma Watson, with daughter Alara, nine, said: €œThe course is excellent at giving people the confidence to try different things. The recipes are easy to follow and cheap. I try to cook from scratch as often as I can, but it€™s not always possible just because of time. Alara can be quite fussy about food, so it€™s been nice for her to try new and different things.€