STAFFING 2019-2020 The staffing is made up as follows: –
Head Teacher
Mr. A Gill
Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs. H Moad
Teaching Staff: –
Mr. C Graham
Mrs. M Davison
Miss. K Jago
Mrs. V Kane
Miss K Roberts
Ms. Z Ross
Mrs. M Sanderson
Mrs. K Simpson
Miss S Tahir
Mrs. E Thompson
Mrs. S Wakinshaw
Miss. M Watson
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator (SENDCO)    
Mrs. S Wakinshaw
Ms. Z Ross
Learning Support Staff
Mrs. G Bolt
Mrs. K Collins
Mrs. F Condon
Mrs. K Finnon
Miss S Fairbrother
Mrs. S Gallagher
Mrs. A Horrocks
Mrs. K McLane
Mrs. J Randle
Mrs. A Shepherd
Mrs. A Tennet
Office Manager
Mrs.     L Gibson
Administration Officer
Administrative Assistant
Mrs. V Frater
Mrs. L Bryan
Mrs. S Slater
Mr. A Thompson               School Site Manager
Mrs. A Oxley                       School Cleaner
Mrs. G Smith                       School Cleaner
Mrs. A Stephenson             School Cleaner
Mrs. M Brander
Mrs. L Bryan
Mrs. J Coutts
Mrs. S Newman
Mrs. L Robinson
Ms. K Robson
Mrs. L Scott
Mrs. G Smith
Mrs. S Slater


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