Hi boys and girls! We are all looking forward to our new school year together in September. School will be really busy again and you will be bigger, taller and looking very grown up! Some of us will be brand new starters and some of us will have been at our school for years and years. We will have a brand new Year 6 set of prefects too!

We will have new teachers and some of our teachers will have left. Just like last year’s Y6 pupils have moved on, teachers move on sometimes too. Many things are the same and some things are different.

Our teachers have left a message for you here. Click on the photograph and hear the message and I will see you all in September.

Bye for now,

Mr Gill


Mrs. Moad

Miss Jago

Mrs. Sanderson

Mrs. Wakinshaw

Mrs. Silvanus

Miss Donaldson


Mrs. Simpson

Miss Roberts

Miss Wilson

Miss Watson

Mrs Davison

Mrs. Thompson