This week, we read the story ‘ How to Catch a Star’ by Oliver Jeffers. We then used the internet to research facts about stars. We also explored the meaning of gravity and we discussed what would happen on planet Earth if there was no gravity. Inspired by this week’s story, we used our imaginations to think of different ways of how to catch a star. In maths, we have been learning the names of different 3D shapes whilst building different models. We investigated which shapes rolled and why and which were better for stacking and why. In Expressive Arts, we carefully designed and created our own rockets using junk modelling materials. We used our knowledge of 3D shapes when designing and choosing our materials. We had to use our problem solving skills and show resilience  when constructing and joining the different materials together. We enjoyed showing our friends and talking about our creations. We used the internet again to watch videos of real life rocket launches.