Children at Hedworth Lane Primary enter school with a wide range of experiences and levels of attainment vary enormously. We focus very heavily on progress in school.

We monitor the progress of children throughout their time with us to ensure that all are given the opportunities to achieve the best they can. This means that where children are experiencing difficulties these are quickly identified and each child is supported with their particular needs. Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator ensures that support is gained from outside agencies, where necessary, for individuals and that a programme of support through additional staffing is put in place. Similarly, when children have a particular gift or talent we foster this ability through encouragement, guidance, and an opportunity to showcase talents and support the extension of skills and knowledge in order to stretch pupils further.

STMBC 04 DEC 2012 072All teachers will teach to different ability groups within the class enabling all children to achieve their potential. Equally, as we assess and monitor the progress of each child we can see where some may need to be extended and challenged with their learning. We regularly update parents on the progress of their child and how we and they can support more.

Parents can now access further statistical information regarding attainment and performance, and compare the outcomes with other schools in the Authority. Such information can help inform your decision as to the best academic path for your child. The link below will take you to the ‘Performance Tables’ section of the Department for Education where you may review the information currently available for Hedworth Lane Primary School in more detail.

To find out more information about Hedworth Lane Primary SchoolΒ please visit the Department for Education’s site here.

To look at the Department for Education School Performance Table site please visit here.

Remember, any specific concerns or issues you may have can always be addressed by contacting the school directly; Mr Gill will always try and resolve matters to the mutual benefit of all parties.

For a summary of the school’s performance seeΒ here for more information.

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