KS2 design their very own computer game at The Word

This term Year 5 and 6 went to the Word and spent the day using Scratch to design their very own computer programme. They linked their designs to our myths and legends topic in English and came up with a design for a game where the hero had to get from the start to the end point without being captured by the monster. It was great to see all of the different ideas and designs that the children came up with. Will Theseus be able to get past the Minotaur and gain the winners crown? Or will he get sent back to the start to try again? Each game had its own link so that we could play them at home or back at school too and show off our creations. A fantastic day was had by all.

Year 6 take part in the Monozukuri Caravan project @ Nissan Sunderland

Year 6 children at Hedworth Lane paid a special visit to the Nissan factory this week and took part in Nissan’s very own ‘Monozukuri caravan project’ – which literally translates to mean ‘the art and passion of making things’ in Japanese.

We were definitely excited by the STEM opportunities on offer. First, we got to design and build our own car out of Lego. Then we all were given a job to do and we had to work out the fastest way to get it done by collaborating with our fellow workers in the room. The teamwork on display was fantastic and the times on the stopwatch that the workers completed their tasks in were pretty impressive too.

After a whistle-stop tour of the factory where we got to meet ‘Woody’ the robot, we all had a go at using some of the specialist tools that the real car manufacturers at Nissan use every day.Β  What a great day we had !

Northumbria Uni pay Year 5 a visit

Year 5 had a brilliant day working with the team from Northumbria University today, who came in to deliver a fantastic lesson using Lego and robotics.

Firstly, the children had to follow a set of instructions to build a robot that would move across the floor in a straight line. The fastest team to complete the challenge won a prize. We had some excellent teamwork going on as they completed the challenge in record timing!

Next, they had to design their own carriage that would transport Ellison (the toy elephant) across the room without falling off. The children’s designs were so fantastic that everyone successfully completed the mission and Ellison didn’t fall off once!

All that was left to do was to crown the winning team by seeing which design could travel the furthest without crashing into anything. As you can tell by the photographs, a great day was had by all.


First Lego League Regional Tournament

Tuesday 10th December 2019.

Yesterday our very own Lego League team compete against 24 other schools in the regional Lego League tournament held at Gateshead College, Nissan.

The children were amazing. They rose to every challenge and gave their all.

Their first task was the Core Values challenge. The children had to work as a team to build a human Eiffel Tower! Fortunately, the quick thinking team members realised the safest way to do this was to lie on the floor to create the correct shape. The judges praised the team for their great communication and speed. The judges then went on to question the children about the roles they had within the team and how they all worked together. The children enjoyed this challenge and it gave them the confidence to tackle the other challenges they would have to face throughout the rest of the day.

The next part of the day was our first round at the Robot Challenge. Here Daniel and Emmy-Lee stepped up to the table, kept a cool head and completed a brilliant round. The weeks of programming and practice really paid off as the children scored a massive 190 points. With a few tips from the judges, Daniel worked to tweak his programming throughout the rest of the day. Making sure our robot performance became more consistent, ready for the next two rounds.

It was then back together as a team, to present to the judges, the teams Innovative Solution. With a PowerPoint presentation created by Grace and Lucy. The teamed wowed the judges with a brand new road sweeper design created by Matthew and Matthew. Together, the children had realised that our usual road sweepers didn’t quite do a complete task of keeping our streets clean. So with added claws and scrappers they team designed Shrec, which would sweep the roads and pavements while scraping up chewing gum and picking up rogue bits of litter with its claw. The children did really well in presenting their ideas and the judges were very impressed.

Our final team challenge was Robot Design. Here, the children had to share with the judges the programming and strategic plan they had, when tackling the Robot Challenges. The children did a great job of talking to the judges and explaining why they did some challenges and not others. I’m pleased I didn’t have to explain the coding! Daniel did a great job with that and was our team expert.

Click here to view video…

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Overall, the team had a very busy, exciting and exhausting day. They gave 100% to everything they did and I couldn’t be more proud of them all and their performance throughout the day. Each and everyone of them was a credit to the school and a winner in my eyes. Well done Lego Heds, you were all amazing!

First Lego League

Excitement is building in Class 3 as preparations come together for our participation in the First Lego League competition.

Pupils have been busy planning, programming and presenting ahead of the big competition in a few weeks time.Β  Their ideas are really beginning to take shape.

Robot Challenge

Children have to design and programme a Lego EV3 robot to interact with several different Lego structures, all representing problems within our local area.Β  They will then have to compete in a head-to-head competition to see who can score the most points in just 2 1/2 minutes!


Design Ideas

The children have created their very own invention to help solve a problem within our local area.Β  They have researched problems faced by towns and cities and realised that they can help solve some of the problems faced with their idea.Β  They now plan on sharing this idea with the judges.


Team Work

Throughout the competition day, judges will watch how the team interact with each other as well as other teams within the competition.Β  I can already say, this is something our team do very well already and I am sure they will impress on the day too.


Please wish the team members luck if you see them around school and we’ll keep you updated with their progress.

Team work, helping each other with the robot programming.

Testing the programming.

Building attachments.

Designing our invention.

Our Lego EV3 robot.

The robot completing one of the tasks.

Programming the EV3.

Drafting emails to write.

Planning how to share the design idea with others.

Preparing the presentation.

Little Inventors Energy Challenge

The Arts Council have been very busy this term researching renewable and non-renewable energy in preparation for taking on theΒ  ‘Little Inventors Energy Challenge’. The council have asked junior children to think up invention ideas to generate energy, save energy or use energy better. 15 children inventors and their school across Tees Valley, Sunderland and Northumberland will also be chosen to join the Little Inventors Pioneers programme. In January and June 2020 these pioneers will get to develop their idea further and be part of bringing it to life with the help of makers and experts, before showing it in a special exhibition in Tees Valley!

Here are some of the chosen designs by the Arts Council created by children at Hedworth Lane Primary School. Fingers crossed for them!

Two of the designs have been put up on the ‘Little Inventors Energy Challenge’ website.

Please view them by clicking here and here.

Kit Car Challenge

β€˜When I grow up I want to make cars.’ Why Wait! Let’s make a car now!

Year 6 pupils have been working with Mike, our partner engineer, to construct an electric vehicle from a kit. This Eco-car was constructed over a number of weeks with all Y6 taking a turn to use the construction manual and tools. We enjoyed the experience of being engineers, following plans and problem solving when things did not quite go to plan!

We created an outer shell made of recycled single use plastics and took our vehicle to Gateshead sports stadium where we raced it against 39 other similar vehicles from schools around the region.

Young Engineers

Pupils at Hedworth Lane are part of the exciting Leaders Award competition which is open to all children across the UK and asks the question, “If you were an engineer, what would you do?”

We have interviewed two engineers to help inspire us to create an invention that solves a problem in our everyday lives. What a fantastic response we have had too.Β Children’s entries will now be looked at by a panel of judges who decide if the inventions can be made and showcased at various places across the country.

Here are a few designs that we at Hedworth Lane can’t believe haven’t been invented already !

Rocket Shoes (Speeds you up if you’re tired of walking)Β Β Β Β  Year 5 (Class 2)

The book Flipper 5.0 (Turns the pages for you)Β Β Β Β  Year 5 (Class 3)

The Socks & Tights Sorter (Organises your socks)Β Β Β Β  Year 4 (Class 4)

The Clothes Sorter (Folds your clothes for you)Β Β Β Β  Year 4 (Class 5)

My new friend (Makes you a friend if you feel lonely)Β Β Β Β  Year 3 (Class 6)