Hedworth Lane are excited to launch our PE PASSPORT resource for the Summer Term as part of the School Sports Network Road2Recovery initiative.

This fun resource has been created to help spearhead the recovery of physical activity levels of young people within South Tyneside. This simple set of challenges will encourage young people to become involved in more physical activity, try new and different activities and ultimately improve both their physical and mental health.

The resource is an individual booklet for each child which resembles a traditional passport. This includes the inside page being laid out in the same manner of a passport personal details section, allowing each child to personalise it with their own details and photo.

Within the passport there are 24 different challenges to complete over the rest of the Summer Term. Your child should aim to complete as many challenges as possible in order to earn either their Bronze, Silver or Gold Wings which comes in the form of a certificate. This resource will be given out in the next couple of weeks so that you can work towards challenges during the half term holiday.

The variety of challenges have been set so that some are to be completed within school and some at home. We hope that this encourages your family to build foundations of long lasting and sustainable physical activity habits and ultimately increase the likelihood of our young people meeting their target of 60 active minutes per day.

Whenever your child has completed an activity outside of school, you can initial beside the box and school will stamp the activity to show it has been completed. See example here.

Best wishes,

Karen Simpson, PE and Sports Co-Ordinator