Hello Class 2 …and families

I hope you are all OK and not too bored. I hope you have all managed to have a nice Easter too. I still have coffee and chocolate so all good here! Dougal is fine too but not enjoying walking around the block every day instead of going to the beach!

I have put some work together for you which you will find below – some for each weekday. There is no need to print anything unless you want to. There is an English and Maths lesson for each day of the week and an afternoon activity too. For PE, you can log into the Jasmine website or follow Joe Wicks live. (I’ve heard the Joe Wicks workout is a tough one!)

If you / your family don’t need all of this work, then that is fine – you do not have to do it all. However, it is there if you need it. I know what you lot are like – just picking the Maths out and leaving the rest! 😉

If you want extra work, I have included some links in the ‘resources’ box. I have checked all the links carefully but be careful with ads and pop-ups.

Remember – you can email me if you need to / want to:


You can send me some of your work if you want to or just say ‘hello’ – no pressure!

Be kind to each other and your parents and families. Remember how lovely I was to my brother when we were little! 😊

Be careful and follow the rules!

Mrs Moad X


Summer Term Week 1     20.04.2020


Summer Term Week 2     27.04.2020


Summer Term Week 3    04.05.2020


Summer Term Week 4    11.05.2020

Summer Term Week 5    18.05.2020

Summer Term Week 6 01.06.2020


Summer Term Week 7 08.06.2020


Summer Term Week 8 15.06.2020


Summer Term Week 9 22.06.2020


Summer Term Week 10 29.06.2020


Summer Term Week 11 06.07.2020

Summer Term Week 12 13.06.2020