Children in KS1 this topic will design their very own moving automobile – how exciting ! Firstly they will need to know a bit more about mechanisms and how the wheels and axles are used together to create movement. After lots of investigation and discussion, the children are ready to design their very own functional vehicle using a set design criteria. They use a range of tools and equipment to assemble, join and combine the materials and components to create a moving vehicle. Finally, they evaluate their designs against their original ideas and see what changes they may make to improve future models. Nissan watch out !



Clay pots

As part of our DT curriculum in KS1, the children design and make their very own clay pot to take home. The finished product will be created entirely by the children and will be big enough to keep small objects such as beads or Lego pieces in. The children all have a go at rolling, squashing, stretching and carving the clay so that they get used to it – great for strengthening those little hand and wrist muscles too ! They develop skills for shaping and finishing to get the final shape for a pinch pot and once it has dried, they can concentrate on the decoration of their creations. What a brilliant job KS1 and we think you’ll agree.

Chinese New Year

Our KS1 children have been doing lots of lovely activities this week as part of their Chinese New Year celebrations. One activity that they found a lot of fun was making and tasting their very own Chinese inspired dish – Vegetable stir fry. First, the children learned about the importance of hygiene when cooking food. Then they learned about the different ingredients that were in the dish and talked about their preferences – some even having a taste and smell of all the fresh produce on offer. After that they went on to chop, slice, snip and stir the food. Finally, they got to have a taste of their own creations…Mmm delicious ! One child even said they never used to like mushrooms but now they were going to ask for them at home. What a fantastic Chinese new year we are having so far…Kung hei fat choy everybody.

Building a Castle!

Our KS1 children have been looking at structures this term, focusing in particular on castles. We started the topic by identifying and labelling a castle’s main features. We were amazed to find a lot of our shape work in maths linked to our topic as we identified cones and rectangles to name a few. After that, we did some practical work and learned how to make things like turrets, cones and hinges so we could design and make our very own 3-D castle structure. Finally, we gathered the materials for the big build and got to work. We think you’ll agree that these castles are fit for royalty!


Healthy Fruit Salad

This term the children in Year 1 and Year 2 have designed their own healthy fruit salad as part of their work in Design & Technology. They thought a lot about what makes a healthy packed lunch, and agreed that fruit and vegetables are a very important part of a healthy diet. After writing a shopping list of ingredient that they would need, the children set about using the appropriate tools to prepare their fruit for their designs. They were careful in making sure that they followed the basic hygiene rules when handling and preparing food too. What a great job KS1!

Puppets – Textiles

Year 1 and Year 2 have been making their own puppets this term.Β  Firstly, they had to identify different types of puppets and label them correctly. They then designed their own hand puppets that could be used to tell a story.Β  After choosing the correct materials, the children used a sewing technique to join two pieces of felt together and then added the desired features to their puppets.Β  Once completed, they evaluated their designs.

We think they’re brilliant! Well done KS1.