Visit to Segedunum

Year 3 and 4 pupils visited Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum as part of their study into Roman life. They became Roman soldiers for the day and were able to dress up in a soldier’s uniform and learn to fight with a Roman soldier’s weapons.

They explored the remains of the fort and got to walk along the remains of Hadrian’s Wall.

The children enjoyed observing artefacts and dressing up as Romans in the museum. They saw a model of how the fort would have originally looked and had a go building their own forts using blocks.

They climbed over 100 steps to the top of the viewing tower where they had a bird’s eye view of the fort, the river Tyne and the surrounding area.

John Roxburgh.

John Roxburgh, an historian from Durham University, visited Year 3 and 4 to tell us about the Stone Age. He showed us objects from that period and we had to guess what they were made from and what they were used for.

That History Bloke!

Richard visited Year 3 and Year 4 and we experienced life as a monk in Anglo-Saxon times. He showed us how to make ink and we all wrote with a feather! We examined artefacts from that period and we had to work out their function and purpose.