Hello Class 3… and families

I hope you are all OK and not too bored ! I have been checking your progress from home and looking at how well you have all been doing with the work I set you before we left school… I just wanted to add that I am super proud of the progress you are making; I think you’re all amazing, well done! J

I have put some work together for you which you will find below – some for each weekday. There is no need to print anything unless you want to. There is an English and Maths lesson for each day of the week and an afternoon activity too. For PE, you can log into the Jasmine website or follow Joe Wicks live. (I have been taking part most days and will continue to try and get us all a Hedworth Lane ‘shout out’ from Joe!)

If you / your family don’t need all of this work, then that is fine – you do not have to do it all. However, it is there if you need it. If you want extra work, I have included some links in the ‘resources’ box. I have checked all the links carefully but be careful with ads and pop-ups.

The online accounts that were set up before the holidays are still active and will still have loads of useful activities on them so please keep using them as well if you are enjoying them!

You can email me if you need to / want to:


You can send me some of your work if you want to or just say ‘hello’ – no pressure!

Be kind to each other and your parents and families.

Be careful and follow the rules!

Miss Watson X


Summer Term Week 1      20.04.2020


Summer Term Week 2     27.04.2020


Summer Term Week 3     04.05.2020


Summer Term Week 4     11.05.2020


Summer Term Week 5     18.05.2020


Summer Term Week 6 01.06.2020


Summer Term Week 7 08.06.2020


Summer Term Week 8 15.06.2020


Summer Term Week 9 22.06.2020


Summer Term Week 10 29.06.2020


Summer Term Week 11 06.07.2020

Summer Term Week 12 13.06.2020